1 Month Newborn Photographer in Gurgaon

My name is Ila Sagar and I am a professional 1 Month Newborn Photographer in Gurgaon.

I get to hang out with gorgeous couples who are in love, dress up babies in tutus, and cuddle up to the most adorable newborns as part of my profession.
In my photographs, I try to capture the reality and beauty of the moment. I adore the fact that my job allows me to spend my days with adorable, helpless kids, travel to new countries, and meet new individuals with whom I may forge lasting relationships. It would mean the world to me if I could capture a priceless moment in their life just for them and keep it forever.


When is the best time to get the photo session done for a new-born?

Ideally, the best time to photoshoot newborns is anywhere between 5-20 days; as this is the time when the babies have their bodies curled up naturally womb- like. Also babies sleep for around 18-19hours a day at this age, so it becomes easier to click them sleeping as the newborns are majorly clicked while in the sleep. If your baby is older than 20 days don’t worry give us a call. Newborn shoot can be done any time before the baby is 1 month old.

How soon should I schedule the newborn photoshoot in Delhi?

The best time to book your newborn shoot is while you are still pregnant. We will reserve a tentative date based on your due date. Obviously the actual date of the shoot will not be known until your baby arrives. within 48 hours of giving birth give us a yell and we will confirm a date that is suitable for u. So it is never too early to book a newborn session and of course, you can get in touch with us anytime if you have queries.

Do you have home visits for newborn sessions?

Yes, we do home visits for newborns. Kindly contact us for details.

Where would the photoshoot take place?

The photoshoot will be at our comfortable studio at Gurgaon, Haryana. Our studio is graced with natural light, ideal for newborn photoshoot.

What should I get to dress my newborn?

You need not worry about your new-born’s attire. We have beautiful and soft wraps for your lil ones. You can always carry any particular dress or toy or anything that are sentimental, this would make pictures more personal.

How long does the photo session last?

Generally, the session would last for 2 to 3 hours. But the babies dictate how long the session would run. We give rest and relax time to the baby and mom as the babies are really small and need to be fed quite often. They might get cranky and fussy too. We give a soothing environment to the baby which helps us also in posing and photographing.

How can I book a photo session ?

You can easily book your photo session with us by calling us on 8076370019 or fill in the BOOK NOW page and we will get back to you. We confirm the booking only on receiving the advance.

Does your session include props?

Yes, all my photography sessions includes a wide variety of props. I spend a lot of my time finding high-quality, unique and creative props in organic, soft materials. I supply an array of headbands, bonnets, wraps, flokati rugs, posing blankets and wooden props to make our session unique to you. I have props in every color of the rainbow and love tailoring your session to your color choices!

How do I make the payment?

Do a NEFT or pay through net banking, Pay through Paytm, Pay by cash, Pay through Debit or Credit on PayUMoney link, we send on request, Deposit in our bank account.

What happens if my baby is hungry or cranky during the shoot?

Baby is expected to get hungry during the shoot. Baby getting hungry, fussy is absolutely normal. Sit back, take it easy and relax. We will help you handle everything. You will get enough time to feed and lull your baby. We will take breaks whenever necessary.

How do I choose pictures I wish to take?

1 week after the session, you will receive the original images from the shoot. Once you have made your selection of images and send them to us, we will deliver the final images after 30 days. all the pictures delivered to you come with our water mark. We use a cloud based service to transfer the photographs.

Let's capture love, joy, and everything in between

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